Benjamin Cimini was born in Maiori on July 11th , 1827 by Andrea Cimini and Maria Teresa Proto. The Cimini family, one of the most important of the country, arrived in Maiori in the person of the " Magnificent " Gaetano , Benjamin’s grandfather, in the second half of the eighteenth century from Amalfi.
At the end of July 1860 Mr. Benjamin was elected mayor of Maiori for 10 years.
During the years of his tenure as mayor, he began to increment considerably the cultivation of lemons, that would become in later years a fundamental feature of the landscape and the economy.
He destined to this crop some of its land holdings, including an estate where he built at his own expense a large building long unfinished and currently home of the Hotel Botanico San Lazzaro.
Mr. Beniamino Cimini died unmarried in Maiori May 4th, 1897 leaving as heir his nephew Andrea Cimini, great grandfather of current owners of the Hotel Botanico San Lazzaro - Andrea and Angela Cimini.
In the late '70s, the Germans Andrea and Benjamin Cimini, following the collapse of a wing of the building, began the restructuring of the complex for tourist activities.
Finally, after years of waiting and five years of works in 2010, the Hotel Botanico San Lazzaro became a reality and now it is one of the major Hotel in the Amalfi Coast.